Are you looking to sell your Airplane?

We offer brokerage services to sell YOUR Airplane for top market value! 

Why choose Seitz Aviation?

We offer so many great benefits such as:

Fair market analysis, knowledge to price your airplane so it moves quickly and you get top dollar.

Don’t rely on VFREF to tell you what your plane is worth!

We digitize all logbooks so potential buyers have them readily accessible.

We make it easy for buyers to view all information! Most sales are done online and electronic logbooks expedite the process. ​

Professional advertisement - including quality photos taken by us.

We have top of the line equipment, including cameras and drones to ensure we are marketing your aircraft with the most professional advertisement.

International marketing to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

We advertise on Trade-A-Plane, Barnstormers, Facebook, ​Craigslist, at local airports and more!

Communication between interested parties. Field all phone calls, emails and show the aircraft.

Communication is key with any sale. We ensure that we are easily available so buyers can get a hold of us quickly when inquiring about aircraft we list. We also use Docusign on contracts that we draft to help simplify and speed up the selling process.

Relationship with Escrow services.

We have a great relationship with one of the best Escrow companies. It’s located just across the street from the main FAA headquarters. This allows for YOU to get paid quickly, and the sale of the aircraft to be reported to the FAA on the same day as closing.

Assistance with relocating the aircraft to its new owner.

We can offer ferry services, or recommend experienced pilots to help with ferry logistics. ​

Call or email us for more information and rates!

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