Meet Evan

Evan was born and raised in Kenmore, Washington. Since he was a child, he would watch Kenmore Air takeoff and land on Lake Washington. That was enough for him to get the bug to fly. Evan started flying in high school at the age of 15, soloed at 16 and became a certificated Private Pilot at the age of 17. 

He worked line crew at Kenmore Air, while achieving his Instrument Rating, and Commercial Certificate. In-between, he helped friends buy and sell airplanes. Evan holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate, Flight Instructor Certificate, Instrument rating, Single Engine Land Airplane, and Single Engine Sea rating. He also earned his Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics from Liberty University. Evan is owner, president, and managing broker of Seitz Aviation, LLC. Specializing in aircraft brokerage and sales. When Evan is not working, he enjoys the outdoors with his wife, hiking, snowmobiling, boating and flying. Evan is the proud owner of a 1957 H35 V-tail Beechcraft Bonanza.

Meet Ron

Ron had an early interest in aviation, building and flying radio controlled model gliders with his dad. He soloed a glider at age 14, and a powered aircraft at age 16. He attended Arizona State University where he continued to fly, and after graduating worked for Western Skyways in Troutdale, OR selling the full line of Cessna aircraft.

Since he’d always looked forward to an airline career, Ron started a single pilot Part 135 operation to build time and experience. This led him to a chief pilot position flying a King Air, then to a long career with American Airlines. He enjoys music, photography and visiting with his grandchildren.

Working with Evan Seitz, an established aircraft broker, is the perfect opportunity for Ron to blend an aviation and aircraft sales background to help customers buy and sell aircraft.