Are you looking to buy an Airplane?

We offer buyer’s agent services to walk you through the full purchasing process of buying an airplane! Don’t buy an airplane blindly!

Why choose Seitz Aviation?

We offer so many great benefits such as:

Helping our customer find the right aircraft

After helping you define your mission, we can help you narrow in towards what airplane may fit your needs and budget the best. 

Aircraft ownership and mechanical education

We don’t just try and find an airplane. We try and educate our customers why some aircraft may be better than others to own and maintain. We also share our many years of personal maintenance experience. 

Aircraft accident, incident and damage history review

Before we even make an offer on an aircraft on your behalf, we investigate the desired aircraft and run an FAA accident/incident report to see if the seller is hiding anything on the aircraft that isn’t disclosed.​

Logbook review

Did you know that an aircraft without logbooks could be worth 1/3 – 1/2 the value to compared to an aircraft with complete logbooks? We verify and review the logbooks on the desired aircraft before making an offer and scheduling a pre-buy inspection. 

Making an offer and drafting a Purchase and Sales Agreement 

We make offers on the behalf of our customer, and take care of drafting or reviewing a purchase and sales agreement. We also use Docusign on contracts that we draft to help simplify and speed up the purchasing process. 

Pre-buy inspection scheduling

If the aircraft being sought to purchase looks desirable on paper, the next step is a pre-buy inspection. We help schedule and coordinate a pre-buy inspection with an authorized FAA A&P/IA mechanic. After the inspection, we share the results and our recommendation of the inspection with our customers

Relationship with Escrow services.

We have a great relationship with one of the best Escrow companies! It’s located just across the street from the main FAA headquarters. This allows for a smooth secured process, and the sale of the aircraft to be reported to the FAA on the same day as closing.

Assistance with relocating the aircraft to YOU!

We can offer ferry services, or recommend experienced pilots to help with ferry logistics. ​

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